Reflections on the 94th Academy Awards


I watched approximately two minutes of the Oscars this year, from roughly one minute before Chris Rock was slapped to roughly one minute after (note that I did not just magically tune in at this time, I watched on youtube later). That is clearly the all time best moment of the Oscars. The second best moment is clearly when Sufjan Stevens performed the song from the movie where the nazi look alike flesh eating guy kisses the sickly white boy. Honestly Will Smith is kinda wack for doing that, but also every comedian ever will not shut up about how they can make jokes about whatever they want and how standup comedy is the hardest thing in the world and if you heckle them they just make more jokes at your expense so sometimes you just have to slap them. I watched CODA tonight with my parents. It was really good but a bit corny so I’m surprised it won best picture. I have never cried at a movie because I am too afraid of doing so but I wanted to cry at the end of CODA. My mom cried and we’re related so that’s as close as I’m going to get. My ranking of movies I have seen in the last 6 months is: Worst Person > CODA > Tick Tick Boom > Drive My Car > Licorice Pizza > Weird Hungarian Movie I Saw with Amy and Bum (all were very good imo except Licorice Pizza which I thought was meh and the Hungarian movie which was just so low budget that it never stood a chance). I don’t think that Batman was nominated for any Oscars. This is almost definitely because it came out too late. But also I really do not like super hero movies and I don’t really understand why other people like them. It is probably because since I was a child I’ve had no imagination and all I could think about was baseball.