In search of lost time

2022-04-12  hungry

I bought this really cool old flip clock on Etsy last week for $48. Partially because I wanted a non-phone alarm but mostly because I really just liked how it looked. It’s from the UK which means it used 24 hour time and has the wrong plug. I did not think this was a big deal but when I looked up type c plug to type a outlet adapters (trying to figure out if I needed a voltage converter or not) I saw an article talking about another difference: since European power grids run at 50hz and US power grids run at 60hz, if I try to run this European clock in the US I may be running at 6/5 speed, i.e. it will flip 72 minutes every hour. This does not sound appealing to me. If anyone knows anything about vintage clock operation, or knows someone in Europe looking for a stylish clock at an affordable price, please let me know.