hey stinky!

2022-05-09  hungry

Yesterday morning at ceramics I forgot to wear deodorant. God help me. My deodorant was in my backpack and not on my desk where it usually is and thus object nonpermanenced away, out of sight out of mind. I hope they didn’t notice and think I was stinky. I hope that next time I go in they don’t say “hey everyone, stinky’s back! what’s up stinky” and make me sign all my pieces “stinky” instead of my name or initials from now on. Ceramics is fun but way way harder than it looks. Every time I see someone doing it I think, “wow, that looks easy,” but then I try and instead of a cup i end up with a bowl, and the bowl has one side much thicker than the other, and the bottom is an inch thick, and when I try to cut the bottom to be less than an inch i somehow poke a hole in it and it becomes a pot, but not a very useful pot because it’s too small. I mean even after that it’s pretty easy to make it look reeeeeally nice, like your bougie friend would buy in one of those weird boutique stores like the one at driggs and n 7th st for $14 even though it’s 4 inches tall nice. Artisinal. It’s a trade-off i suppose. Back to stinky, I don’t actually know if anyone in the class knows my name. I only know three peoples names and one of them is the instructor and I am not even 100% sure what to call them. But one time I saw them watching smash bros in class so I feel like we could be friends. One of the two people whose names I know actually has the same name as someone I went to high school with but I don’t think it’s the same person, although we all wear masks so I can’t really be sure. I originally thought she was my age but now I am not so sure because I think she is actually married and lives in park slope and has a dog. Today I went in again and sat next to someone else who I thought was my age who also turned out to be married. I am not really talking to these people they are more talking to their own friends and I am listening since I am too scared to put headphones in because I don’t get how I could take them out without getting them all covered in clay. Or what if one fell into my clay and then I would have a cup-turned-bowl-turned-pot with single AirPod Pro functionality. Anyway I got distracted writing this because two girls who were the exact same height with the same skin color and hair who were wearing the exact same outfit (white skinny jeans, blue shirt poking out of brown leather jacket, only distinguishable via sneaker color) just stopped in front of me on the path in mccarren and started making out. Do you think they wore the same outfit on purpose? I feel like they must have?? Like you wouldn't stop in the middle of the path to make out with someone that you didn't at least text a few hours beforehand and what's the point of texting other than to send fit pics to everyone in your contacts?? Or maybe they saw each other just a few minutes ago and thought the other had such impeccable taste in clothes that they decided to walk around kissing. who knows these days! Tangentially mccarren, and wburg in general, is a great place for lomls because many people look young and stylish and hot but not very many people look interesting. Like everyone could be your work friend that you never introduce to your real friends. I certainly don’t look interesting. In fact, the only interesting-looking thing about me is that a lot of tahini just poured out of my sandwich onto my pants and i couldn’t really get it out. This is ok though because i was just at ceramics and there’s also a lot of clay on my pants and they look similar. If anyone needs any plates or cups or bowls or pots or vases or generally conical concave items let me know because I don’t really know what to make anymore. as long as you are ok with holes in the bottoms.