Kinda Blue

2022-05-13  oliveoily

Today at 4pm, I was jolted out of a numb haze that my phone had been cultivating behind my eyes for the past 5 days. I saw the most beautiful blue color in the world ! It came in a white plastic bottle labeled "vanadyl sulfate hydrate". This blue was meaningful in and of itself. I looked at it, and that was good. I wish more things were this blue, or at least this good. Apparently body builders take vanadyl as a supplement for bulking up, but its effectiveness is unproven. The blue chemical has also seen usage as a treatment for diabetes, but there is no evidence that it actually helps with glycemic control As best I can tell, the only proven physiological effect of eating vanadyl sulfate is diarrhea I kinda get why people want to eat it, though Taking one look at the impossibly blue crystals, it's easy to think that they'd be powerful objects And maybe if you ate them you could absorb that power, giving you huge muscles and healing your pancreas But it actually just makes you toot It's like a loving little reminder from the cosmos that there are things you can enjoy without having to consume them.