sick again


The congestion is making me feel braindead. - Ran into my first year roommate at Vanessa's birthday party because she and her boyfriend know Vanessa's younger brother. She's become part of the art world in NYC and was featured recently in i-D. I'm not sure whether she thinks favorably of me because in college we would sometimes chat in Ex-Libris during second and third year, but then fourth year when we were in an art history class together she never said hi to me. Maybe she thought she was too cool for me or something, but here we are, at the same fucking birthday party. - Getting invited to and going to Vanessa's birthday warmed my heart, she's so active in the organizing and arts scenes in NYC that I'm bewildered by and grateful for the time and thought she's put into checking in to see if I'm ok. - Went to a surprise dinner party that Shereen held at her apartment in honor of Surb graduating from her master's program. I felt ashamed about not honoring the dress code since I didn't leave early enough to warrant not dressing up. At one point I realized I was truly at a Dinner Party, the kind that real adults have?, and it was strange to think about getting older in a different way than usual. - Friday night with Shalma, Kate, and Ann(e?) was sweet. Even though the MGMT DJ set at Schimanski's was a huge L--we spent a total of maybe 15 minutes there--it was fun to see Shalma stoned and giggly as we confessed our desire for pizza or chicken and rice from the halal truck instead of going to a secondary location. The sight of the trees standing tall and silent over the empty streets off of Bedford Ave. made me feel a little sad and wistful, and I thought, here we go, here's that feeling I've been missing. It's nice to experience things that you thought would never happen again and which make you feel like a teenager. I tried to explain the feeling to Shalma while we ate our slices: "I need to figure out the jump from seeing something beautiful to being sad." Kate said that she'd been wanting to run into her exes this past week, and we sat in the wake of our confessions for a couple moments. I wanted to text my LOML about the trees but refrained, maybe in a week. - Watched Castle in the Sky with Xiao at Metrograph, then got Malaysian food after. Even pregnant, she looks stylish as ever in her classic layered black attire, and I don't think that will change as her pregnancy progresses. Metrograph was freezing, I think I blame them for igniting my current bout of illness. This is the best I can do rn. Going to heat up some soup and noodles.