Some moments from the past week


- Went to the forest rave in identical painters tyvek coverall suits. O showed some new friends a magic trick. - J, R, and I played the same Mario kart track on 200cc five times in a row. One of the first times hanging out with J has felt like it did in college, which felt good. - I, H, R and I bought a baguette, sliced it in half, and made it into one extra-long Italian sub. - Tried to practice volleyball in the park with P, R, and C. Our forearms started to hurt so we just threw, kicked, punched, headed the ball however we felt. - Bought waffles again, after a long hiatus. - The nicest waiter ever offered to get H and I a non-spicy spicy pepperoni pizza from the bar that was closed for a private party after the other bartender snubbed us. The pizza took five minutes longer than expected so he gave us free shots. H doesn’t drink liquor so I took both. - Got a quesadilla with R and C after night moves. Not what I expected, more of a giant taco full of lettuce meat and cheese. Ebiked with my headphones in at 2:30 to meet A and A and her date at public records. It was perfectly misty and cool out, and I barely saw a single car on dekalb. Thought, “this is it. This is the youth A and I have been yearning for.”