80% success rate


me and I had to crush his dreams Bc he said he had an 80% success rate making girls come when he hooked up with them I literally egg HAHAHAHA me Just started laughing SO HARD egg HAHAHAHAHAHAH that’s so brutal hahahaha poor c me I even got S and A's gf E to confirm egg but he needed to learn me This is a fucking lie egg i’m crying me Im still laughing so hard Im in my room texting u Laughing egg hahahahahahaha me Oh my god egg dude poor C omg me ALSO N TEXTED ME egg talk about tough love hahaha u did not coddle oMG what did he say me: "also last minute development but I’m coming to ny again for 36 hours tomorrow afternoon to help my roomate move the rest of her shit lol I think I wanna fuck him And NOT have an orgasm GAHHAAh Im still cracking up he literally said “I think ur wrong” And S showed up in the kitchen and was eating craft singles like a PSYCHOPATH And so I asked him his success rate And he was like when I was younger def not now I’m “more than 50% sure less” And I was like what the actual fuck does that mean And he was like "Before I met M and was hookung up with people I’m more than 50% sure that some of them orgasm sometimes" Which is a REASONALBE ANSWER 80% BRO IM CRYING egg u did not coddle me i keep it real u know that Why am I still laughing so hard I mean im drunk but omfg Also he asked me ‘why do you love your dad’ bc I was drunk bitching about him and iw as like fuck you I’m not talking about family love with anyone who’s not asian lol we had a good time tho But hes def butt hurt by me LAUGHING my ass off about 80% I have repaired the relationship egg HAHAHAHAHAHAAH ok 1. u and N are def huing omg i’m so excited for u there is so much action happening in ur life this is so fun to live vicariously thru u 2. i’m dead at S being like “i’m more than 50% sure that some of them orgasm sometimes” because that still is kind dude poor C i don’t think this is going to help his self esteem u know he’s gonna look up stuff on how to make girls come which unfortunately i feel like is not helpful it’s so sad how ppl can be in long relationships and still not get better at sex me imma post this entire convo in mood ring