He hasn’t received a rimjob but wouldn’t be opposed

2022-08-07  zebulon

Fucking someone in public sets a funny tone for the relationship. I hadn’t had an orgasm in two weeks and so I climaxed within minutes, Rogier following shortly after. I wasn’t able to get to that point when I fucked Flo at that very same place two nights prior. Flo was born without foreskin, he told me. Rogier and I tried to converse after we satisfied each others’ needs but the music was loud and I couldn’t quite follow whether he was French or Dutch or German. “Do you code in Python?”, he asked. We stepped out together and he looked frazzled as I swiftly changed out of my underwear and into my normal clothes. On Wednesday I took the train up to his place and was pleasantly surprised to find him waiting for me at the station. Rogier’s home is beautiful. He gave me a massage with lavender oil and cooked me a decadent dinner. Sometimes when he gets home from a long night out he hugs the tree outside of his house. I met Rogier and his friends Pierre, David, and Lisa to play boules at the park on Saturday. I’m generally uncomfortable with learning new games from people I don’t already know because I’m embarrassed that my inevitably awful performance will lead them to conclude that I’m stupid. I could have done with a little bit less (okay, a lot less) PDA from Rogier. We took the train back up to his place and I started feeling paranoid because it was eerily silent and Rogier pointed out how empty the nearby highway looked. He made some comment about a horror movie and insisted we sit on the pier and drink wine by the lake. I obliged, but at this point was prepared for the worst. We watched swans floating across the water and my paranoia dwindled with the sunset. We smoked a joint and I washed Rogier’s dishes as me made us another delicious dinner. He picked a rose and some lavender from his garden and turned on the water for our bath. We alternated between sitting in the burning hot tub and cooling down on his porch, where we shared a long discussion about the shift in consciousness from childhood to adulthood and how life just isn’t quite as vivid now as it was back then. Rogier is a very sensual person. I find it lovely but simultaneously exhausting. The past eight months have been monumental for my sexuality.