The devil’s interval


It’s 2am and I think I’m going crazy I couldn’t sleep because I had desperate need to take pictures while it was still dark out and I could use lamp for shadow effect and all the while an a?D? major concerto with the syncopated double stops leading up to tritone ending (top note all the same until very last chord I think) was running through my head but which one?? It’s not Prokofiev that’s the technicolor shimmery ending maybe it’s Mendelssohn but that’s the wrong key. if I were to guess it would be early romantic OHH maybe Tchaikovsky? no just checked the score Took some weird pics with my violin and cable release. they’re bad but honest Music scores are just littered across my floor because I can’t can’t can’t find which concerto it is that ends like that How do photo and music go together I want to know I decided I’m going to teach myself the Korngold concerto 3:23 ANSWER just came to me as I was falling asleep it’s Bériot’s Scène de Ballet and I got the ending chords wrong in my head