people i've run into the past couple weeks


- kristen (on the subway home from hiking) - taylor and analisa (in front of the funeral home, also on the way home from hiking) - jazz (at barbes last night) [did not acknowledge] - t-man + solomon (at nowadays for dj voices) [did not acknowledge] - angel + other musicland people (at alexa's work friend's audiophile party) - jon (on the subway home from dinner w kat, dkwon, and carol) - arielle (at ifc) - fernando (twice in two days, both times in the west village) [did not acknowledge] - teddy (at nowadays for physical therapy) [did not acknowledge] - andy (while waiting for kat at the meat hook) [acknowledged later over text] - yujin (yesterday morning while walking home from the subway) - emma k (while walking to drinks with sam) [did not acknowledge] - leon (while waiting to get seated for drinks with sam)