Brave New Word

2022-10-10  oliveoily

Summer's gone! Now the weather is distinctly sweater, some nights even sweater+. A few more sleeps and it'll be jacket I love how the skin-feel of the air is cold, but direct sunlight feels warm and affirming. This vibe had me tonguing for a new word yesterday - something like "refreshing" but to describe the respite of hot things in a cold day Turns out that word exists! From Noun apricity (uncountable) (obsolete) The warmth of the Sun in winter. Sadly, (obsolete) officially ranks rarest behind (archaic), (dated/unfashionable), and (hip)* in Everyone's feeling this but nobody's talking about it! The word has been around for a while, too. Its first recorded appearance is in Henry Cockeram's 1623 "The English Dictionarie: Or, An Interpreter of Hard English Words" Turns out this is the first english dictionary to have ever called itself a dictionary... and it shows! Here are some other great 17th century words / definitions (in no particular order) that I found while leafing through it: Inurgitate - to gormonize Masturpate - dishonestly to touch ones privities Aquation - abundance of rain Essayes - tryals ** Genius - A good angell, or a familiar evill spirit, the soule I'll leave the link to the dictionary here, in case you wanna look through it yourself [] I hope y'all get to enjoy what little apricity the fall has left to give us. Much love and keep gormonizing, Me *This one's not real! ;) ** basically still true ayyyy