so random

2022-10-21  zebulon

- "idk i might be wrong" - macdougal; new york in a nutshell - marry the williamsburg bridge, fuck the brooklyn bridge, kill the manhattan bridge - when you're crossing the bridge at sunset and there's a peachy gradient on one side and sex-on-the-beach vibes on the other - but actually what is the deal with the 6th ave subway tunnel incense guy - nostalgic tunes of the week brought to you by fountains of wayne and chance the rapper - i saw a cockroach climb up the leg of a table in sweet chick :( - marry newark, fuck laguardia, kill jfk - scrapbooks for all! -  deans that i know:     - dean the local pitbull     - dean aka holdean aka how holden's name was mispronounced at graduation     - dean, nicki's since resigned trunk club stylist - dean boyer     - dean from the threesome - reality tv ranked     1) big brother (duh)     2) survivor     3) bachelor in paradise - reality tv notable mentions: married at first sight, are you the one, selling sunset, the bachelor(ette), the great british baking show, shark tank, jeopardy - where were YOU when you found out that your parents do wordle? - "smart girl!", the usps customer service guy told me :\ - the vibe of my apartment looks off with the orange flowers i got tonight