Jewish Twilight Fever Dream

2022-10-30  hungry

I went to bed sober last night at 5:45 am. This is roughly the dream I had: Bella from twilight is helping jacob and his dad and other members of the Quileute redistrict the city of seattle, which for some reason is an archipelago of rectangular islands with the public transit system of Chicago. At the redistricting meeting, bella picks a nickel up off the ground that has papier-mâché on its sides. It turns out that jacob dropped this nickel, and that it is what caused him to turn into a werewolf, and that every Quileute werewolf has a similar coin with papier-mâché on it. Instead of turning bella into a werewolf though the nickel just makes her very cold all the time, which makes sense because the papier-mâché on the nickel has snowflakes on it. Everyone is happy for her now that she can finally be let in on all their secrets, and they throw her a bat mitzvah quinceañera type party for her non-werewolf transformation. None of this is really important and is more just setup because most of the dream was about a cracker that she eats at her party. It looks and tastes kind of like those brown swedish wasa crackers. But bella recognizes the taste and talks to jacob's dad about them, who tells her they are crackers baked from fermented and extruded millet. That's crazy, bella says, because she's jewish and there's a traditional jewish cracker called kaschahasetz that's also made out of fermented and extruded millet. She then spends a long time at her own party explaining to her mom how kaschahasetz are made and how there must be some relationship between the jews and the Quileute, some anthropological reasoning for this confluence of cracker recipes. Her mom is not very interested. Neither this word nor these crackers are real I googled them when I woke up.