2022-11-05  boop

I never see people wearing headphones here, very occasionally I do in the subway around Hongdae when the train starts filling up with a younger/hipper crowd, but never on the street. Holding them, wearing them around their neck, sure. But never on their actual ears. It makes me think I’m a strange alien who is making odd use of what is otherwise supposed to be a very expensive accessory. I am blasting Jupiter Jazz and he tells me I’m a Good Girl. He even cleaned the seats of his car for me. I didn’t brush my teeth this morning in the rush to get to the hospital. - At the Dongdaemun stop I see one guy wearing very nice headphones over his hoodie. This seems silly to me, why would you go to the trouble of buying very nice headphones only to purposefully muffle/worsen the sound? Despite this I still thought he was hot. He was standing in front of me with his phone glued almost to the front of his face. Then he sat next to me when someone got up and I saw he was tuned out to the world playing League on his phone. If you would only look up you would see there is something much better, I thought. A 5% chance encounter in the first place now goes down even more! However, maybe this is what other people think when they see me with giant noise-cancelling headphones on. - I'm in the mountains near Biei and snow is falling in huge clumps the size of dipping dots. Zooming down the slopes, Massive Attack is frequently interrupted by the car yelling at me that 1. I am outside the lane or 2. overspeeding. When the former happens, which is often as it has been a while since I've driven on the left, the car tries to wrest control out of my hands and force me back into the lines. I'm pissed but when it gets dark on the nighttime country roads I find that I am grateful for this feature. By the end of the trip I have a love-hate relationship with this car.