2022 ins/outs - A Retrospective

2022-12-22  hungry

in - banquets - what is a banquet? the bar is high here and I met it at most a couple times. would have liked more, but a small success nonetheless - still lifes - did a lot of craigslist searching to no avail, however some plans have been laid for future work - UV protection - spf moisturizer worn intermittently but relatively often - ergonomics - lol - ceramics - turns out to be way way harder than it looks. if anyone has recs for a studio in bushwick I’d like to continue - fishnet - maybe next year...... maybe next year - making (and sharing!!) art that feels genuine - keep ur eyes peeled for the half stop album 2023 baby!!!! - tajines - honestly. I don’t think I ate a single one this year. an abject failure here 0/10 - solo expeditions - still scary!! - 3/4 length clothing - still love it, didn't really wear it - generosity, especially as necessity - doing a bad job tbh - building things - photo booth shelves paper holder shoe rack bench!! - nice smells - eucalyptus, satsuma, vanilla, coconut, lavender; next year i'm finally changing deodorant - taking pictures of my friends - doing an ok job but getting better!! - bikepacking - let's be real this was a stretch goal. but maybe next year 1/10 - frogs, raccoons, skunks, geckos - love u little guys <3 never stop being you - communicating feelings - yikes!!! but also nice??? 5.5/10 - reading before bed - at least 2/365 - bluegrass - kind of 2021 tbh - london fogs - major yum moment! but they got kind of old. the new move is making a full pot of decaf black tea for everyone at nighttime out - guilt // shame - good luck to my therapist in 2023 - making like 7 servings of one meal for yourself and getting sick of it before finishing - 10/10 progress on this great job, only issue is that I just bought every meal instead - “productivity” - uhhhhhhhhhhh honestly not really sure what i wanted out of this - corporate slang - will not be circling back to this. - clout // prestige - still gross // I have none // not caring anymore !!!!! - economics - dead to me (except asking for a cost of living raise bc of inflation rip) 8.3%/10 - loafers - did not wear a single pair!!! great job me!!!! - unconstructive criticism - um idk you tell me how I’m doing here I think this is a potential area or improvement - collecting - ? - going out without earplugs - amazing job but I lost my earplugs twice bc they fell off my keychain 9/10 - complacency // apathy - woof - metallic-spiky-core and art that’s trying to be both cute and scary at the same time - honestly kind of coming around to this ngl - belts - still wearing one ugh - doomscrolling - happy to report I am blissfully unaware!! - feeling competitive at potlucks - very few potlucks this year, oddly enough. hopefully I will be able to continue working on this with more opportunities next year - brands, in general - uh yeah they suck haha - decision paralysis - not sure what I should write here - gadgets - ok let’s be honest. In what world were gadgets going to be out for me. Have u met me?? I love those little guys - using swear words when you don’t really mean it - fuck me I’m really trying!!! - rationalizing - no yeah I totally did a great job given the circumstances