some 2022 mems


- got covid - recreated some real housewives storylines in sims 2 - breakup - london fog + crossword phase at the center for fiction - someone i *really* liked.. liked me back! - switched teams at work - made out with someone while in line for the bathroom - made a new friend while in line at public records - watched as summer changed into fall - read the idiot - pickled some radishes - theorized about crushes and sexy friendships - moved - drove for the first time in over a year, in spain then arizona - saw fields of dying sunflowers - went to teotihuacan, was moved, had a performative group conversation about it later - in my baths era - blasting the ideal husband in inhae's bedroom - went to riis alone on a saturday afternoon - watched many good movies with friends - watched many good movies alone - swam in the mediterranean - threw up for the first time since 2018 - had a survivor phase - started therapy - so much dancing - ignited a new love for ice cream - got food poisoning, twice - some extremely special diner hangs - prospect park at night - had a prolonged period of continuous anxiety, then found my way out of it - ate a guava for the first time - split some tabs - was given a book as a present - heard our voices echoing off of the red rocks - made substantial progress on a jigsaw puzzle instead of going to paragon - ate a lot of taki's - listened to a lot of car seat headrest - a really good night in the west village in the beginning of summer - went on an abysmal first date - witnessed the sun set during yoga at the cliffs - had a really good holiday season in nyc :)