year abridged


i took the train to the end of the line. i forgot it was easter so everything in town was closed. paschal megachurch how can zacchaeus come down to repent at the cross from the balcony seating and with all these fog machines? strip mall resurrection all urgency without spectacle i jumped off a pier into a still, cool lake. i walked through the cloud of pigeons eddie was feeding and he greeted me with his usual “hey, my brother”. i lost my wallet. a train ticket beverwijk to amsterdam the two dollar bill marc gave me at portillos before we walked to the top of arrowhead hill and looked at the sky half a ticket to the castro theater a pen sketch portrait on the back of a bakery receipt i was given a pair of fishnet thigh highs by a stranger at a party. i think i broke my foot. i made a print from a photograph that i first saw in chicago probably six years ago. i found my wallet. it was under the cushion of oma's chair. i accepted an airdropped photo riding the M train over the bridge. i think it was taken in M&M’s World New York on 48th and broadway. i stood neck deep in the prairie and watched the fireworks.