rbtslpstp reverse fibonacci

2022-12-27  zebulon

roses are moments of joy and of cheer buds are the good things that await us next year thorns are the bad times where it goes all wrong stems are the things that went on way too long a leaf is a fun fact that’s amusing enough pollen is the sexy and sensual stuff soil is a nurturing moment of sorts a twig is that which got cut too short the end of the poem has finally arrived a petal is something that left you surprised petal (1) time passed at conflicting speeds twig (1) summer soil (2) that time i felt weird being at home alone and i was told to imagine that i was housesitting for eugene levy; binge watching episodes of jeopardy with mom and dad pollen (3) my first hotel room one night stand; nipple play; The Threesome leaf (5) my mom has been using the term “gatekeeper” this whole time; henry viii had vi wives; milk duds were named as such because the confectioners just couldn‘t get them to be perfect spheres; you can’t set up recurring investments on ETFs; survey data has shown that, statistically speaking, the average “digital nomad” is a 33 year old white, american, heterosexual, non-religious, non-vegetarian software developer man stem (8) bad bouts of back pain; cupping marks; screen time; amtrak; the workweek; bibi’s reign; the line at da club; time-to-climax thorn (13) the patagonia vest recession; new york city construction; work stress; family stress; guilt; shame; lethargy; the worst kind of home repairs; bye bye abortion; the fallen freestanding fish tank; being the grown up; the B48; self conscious on the subway bud (21) big brother season 25; oaxaca; berlin; new domain interests; saying less of: “very”; “really”; “so”; “um”; “like”; “amazing”; consuming more hot chocolate; creme brulee; rice pudding; eggplant; halloumi; malabi; feeling less cringe; learning new languages; improving old languages; becoming a better communicator; saying “hello” rose (34) tuesdays; puzzles; pilates; new friends; old friends; being topless; being in the water; being topless in the water; randy; the apartment; mccarren park; washington square park; free salsa lessons; free love; lentil soup; woodstock; budapest; backgammon; comfy sneakers; hot pink juicy tracksuit; the bar mitzvah; a glass of wine here and there; harry potter; the miracle of halloween candy; drugs; collaging; crypto winter; sam’s home goods; lil sis nora; lasik; the goat farm; red hair; general stability; just the right amount of control