three stress dreams from the past few weeks


1: in which my friends accompany me to the hospital because i have a rash; the hospital is absolutely filthy, the walls are stained and the floor is covered in ashes or dust or something; i finally see the doctor who asks to see my rash and i remove my clothes to show him and my friends that my body is covered in patches of purple, oozing polka dots; the doctor insists i am fine and this looks pretty normal; i protest so he says i should put some cream on it and leaves; we are stuck in a disgusting hospital room. 2: in which i am signing a new lease on an apartment in prospect heights and my parents are helping me pay for it; while showing their friend the apartment i overhear the friend say to my dad, "guess you have one of THOSE kids who will never make it" or something about my lack of financial independence, and my dad laughs and replies, "yeah, he's definitely a net loss of a son;" i am furious and immediately confront my dad about this comment and he shrugs it off; i tell a lot of my friends how bad this has made me feel; i refuse to speak to my parents until they apologize to me. i wake up with tears down my cheeks. 3: in which i have built a website one way instead of another way and because of that i am told i am being sent to jail; i plead that i can just fix the website and build it the other way instead, but am told that since i already built it i have to go to jail regardless; the sentence is only 3-4 months which is really only 1 month on good behavior so it's not even that bad; i am confused why i have to go to jail for this in the first place; once again i ask if i can just fix it and am told i am definitely going to jail, which is conveniently just on the other side of the park from my house; my friends ask me what i'd like to eat as my last meal before jail.