is confused ???


do you ever have a stretch of time where you're just like, """what's going on these days??? i feel like i used to know but now i have no idea???""" that's where i'm at right now, here are some things that have happened to me recently that help capture this feeling. - i told my boss i was going to berlin and he said "you have to go to this old bombed out department store. well actually it's not there anymore. but one time i was walking by and this guy came up to me trying to sell me drugs and said 'was wants toi, amigo?' he became my good friend" ??? - when i was in paris walking down the street i heard one person say to another person in front of me, in a very thick french accent, out of nowhere, "i do not want you to peepee your pants because then you will be stinky and i will not sit next to you." ??? - i got stuck in helsinki for 24 hours;; in helsinki i walked out of the train station at 9am and immediately saw a man skid on his bike on the icy path and flip over the handlebars; he fell into a perfect somersault on the ground and stood straight up; an old woman went up to him and asked if he was ok; he just patted her on the back and laughed. ??? - in philadelphia i called to order chinese food, clearly for a few people, and upon hearing my order, the guy from the restaurant on the other line just went, "wow that's a lot of food!!!" ??? - the other day after a camera-on zoom meeting i went to the bathroom and there was a bunch of dried blood on my face. i guess i had a nosebleed in the middle of the meeting and didn't notice and nobody told me ??? - today i woke up 15 minutes past my alarm and looked at my phone and the alarm was going off and the snooze button was there but there was no sound and no vibration ??? but i could not fall back asleep