friday december 17


all my plans for friday and saturday were cancelled when i woke up did not eat breakfast anxiously scurried around the neighborhood trying to get a covid test. even the place that's always empty had a line a block long. did not get a covid test. came back and tried to do some work could not concentrate; scurried around neighborhood again. did not get a test again did some work. ate rubin's pasta got a call offering me a job! good thing I picked up my phone this week did not get an email about this job. hopefully they will still send it did some more work. quite a bit actually deliberated ordering ramen from the sushi place across the street. the online menu did not specify what the toppings were. i called to confirm the toppings ate ramen. maybe should have ordered from the actual ramen place instead found a guy's wallet on the ground. messaged him. no response played some video games finished watching the second half of jennifer's body, which i started on thursday. very confusing movie finished watching the second half of an episode of girls, which i also started on thursday. also confusing but less so flossed, etc.