greetings from isolation

2021-12-24  hungry

this morning I ate rice chex and oat milk in my room. rice chex are not very filling and I was using a small bowl, so I poured a second bowl. I shouldn't have to justify this to you. I was still hungry after the second bowl but did not want to go out into the kitchen to get oat milk, and I had remembered someone saying eating cereal with water is just like eating it with milk, so I poured a third bowl with water from my water bottle. definitely not as good as with the oat milk, but not so bad either. is the main point of the milk the taste? or is it to make the cereal a little soggy? if the latter, water certainly did the trick. for some reason I love eating dry rice chex with my hands from the box, but eating dry rice chex from a bowl with a spoon feels decisively wrong. I guess I also wouldn't eat goldfish or trail mix out of a bowl with a spoon. but I definitely wouldn't eat wet rice chex in oat milk with my hands!