friday december 31

2022-01-01  hungry

woke up went to the grocery store, bought more rice chex and oat milk and chips and guacamole ate my rice chex and oat milk tried to do the work i had been putting off for the past week and mostly failed; watched tiktok, youtube, did a crossword, etc. ate guacamole and chips. the guacamole was disgusting. the texture of yogurt and the taste of vinegar powder paul came over. we went to buy drinks and snacks, including onion and tomato to improve guacamole played some video games improved guacamole slightly better, still very weird rubin and claire got back with korean wings and a bench they found on the street outside of claire's apartment. the legs were loose had 1/8 tab ate wings, drank beer, malort shot, oat milk white russian played smash bros for a while watched hackers. paused in the middle to drink champagne at midnight and chat finished hackers. such a good movie somehow afterward started watching music videos on youtube, then got into bardcore and bluegrass covers of songs eventually my computer died and we made shadow puppets against the blue projector background paul left and we all went to bed can't remember if i flossed or not. did not wear my retainer