wine is not always trustworthy


i tried that wine bar near me with unfamiliar wines and unfussy couples. the wine was OK but the cheeseboard was just shameful - $19 for three bites of cheese and not enough overly-crisped crostini. my distrust grows. i think i might write a novel. i'm not sure what form it would take, and how the plot might develop, but i think it should be about trust. trust in all its vital forms - naively given then abused; reluctantly bestowed and then upheld; and seized then honored. which is the most impactful on one's life, i wonder? sometimes i feel that trust naively given is the most devastating and therefore formative, but is it also true that i take those i trust for granted and therefore fail to really weigh the role they've played in my own development? probably. in other news, mediocre red wine makes for really excellent (boozy) hot chocolate.