notes from the past week

2022-01-14  egg

- dan told us last thursday night that it was going to snow, but i didn't get my hopes up. pulling open my curtains when i first woke up on friday morning, i expected to be greeted by the usual gloom, grey skies on grey pavement. instead there was real snow - on the sidewalk, on tree branches, on the windowsills of the buildings across the street. i took a couple pictures. two snoozes later, the sun was out. wind blew chunks of snow from their resting places, mini blizzards happening underneath lampposts, within the clusters of birch trees in washington square park. - i went outside for a walk before work and picked up tea that was definitely too expensive for 20 teabags' worth from the bodega. at the third rail coffee on sullivan st. i got a cappuccino with real milk. i wondered when buying coffee would stop feeling like an indulgence. agent cooper says to give yourself a present everyday, but it would be nice if the presents didn't feel financially irresponsible. - we were going to ray's candy bar to get hot dogs, almost everything else in the area being closed, but switched to getting samosas from the deli where dan went inside to buy cigarettes. what is the point of korean corn dog chains popping up all over new york if they're not even open past 10pm? what is the point of a corn dog that uses rice flour for the batter and therefore doesn't even fulfill your cornbread and wiener craving? - thought about vanessa's art. i think recently she's done more drawings but i really love her sculptures. - a sunny day with vigorous wind, the sound of trees and tree parts rustling even though you would have thought all the branches were bare by now. things that sound like wind chimes but could just as easily be trash flying into and hitting each other. i remember on one such day in chicago i was downtown midday during the week and looked up at the clouds racing across the sky and thought of the vast expanse of grassland that this place used to be. that's how it was at one point, just us and the land under the jursdiction of the blue sky and the wind. - when watching sex and the city at his apartment ethan looked over at me and asked, "how does it feel to be so successfully targeted?" - when watching sex and the city at eric's apartment he said, "wow they really have a lot of sex." - i wish i had more reference points for contemporary sculptures where things hang besides eva hesse - i didn't think the matrix reboot was bad, but also that was mostly because i had never watched any of the matrix movies before accidentally watching the latest matrix at a friend's apartment, so it was interesting to figure out everything in real time. for people who have actually watched the matrix and are staunch fans it must have felt like a bad, half-assed trip. one thing they got right: people still looked fucking sick when they plugged back into the matrix, and there was no need for any explanation for it. they know it's what we want. - with the continuous 90s revivals in fashion none of the ideologies that accompanied/underpinned those aesthetics have made a real comeback. people in the original matrix looked amazing (<3 keanu), and it made me want one of those black leather trench coats except they've already hit a saturation point. i remember walking home with catherine, and each of the three girls walking in front of us wore one. do you think they even noticed they were all essentially wearing the same thing? call me sexist but i doubt they were deep in a cyberpunk phase.