progress on ins/outs


- they played some good funk songs in the musclecars/love injection set at nowadays last sunday - started rewatching skins uk. so good - bought a pair of fishnet tights, but it's been too cold to wear them. katie and i have been holding out against wearing capital p Parkas for as long as possible but i gave in last weekend and i was so warm. it was so worth it. - started watching neon genesis evangelion. feeling ok about it so far. - watched akira and loved it. noticing a trend in 2/2 of the japanese cyberpunk media i'm consuming that there's a preoccupation with preteens/children. also liked that with akira there was no "the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice" stuff, just kids wielding superhuman power with varying degrees of responsibility with no alignment towards some larger vision of justice. - my chinese skills continue to deteriorate. - watched a couple hungarian films from the 60s/70s. won't be doing that again. eric, bum, austin, and ethan all fell asleep during elektra, my love, which goes to show how unenjoyable the movie is that people would be bored/irritated enough to take a nap during a 71-minute runtime. - even though psychedelics may be in for me personally i think culturally they might be out/basic. - reading wretched of the screen by hito steyerl right now. i remember when i watched a couple of her video essays in college i thought they were too out there, but that's what i kind of like about her now. she makes huge claims that she substantiates in indirect and not logically rigorous but interesting ways. i started her essay about the experience of feeling groundless in contemporary life the day before i decided to catch up on euphoria and watching the show actually reminded me of the essay. it felt nice to experience reverberations of something i read in regular life; i haven't had that feeling much lately, still worn out from the vibe shift convos i was having with juhi, xander, kat, and catherine a month ago. (see: - have been haphazardly dream journaling in my notes app - have been making a concerted effort not to consume lukewarm beverages, and it's been paying off. - succumbed to watching some rhony during the throes of covid fever. was pleased to find that i was no longer that into it. - several thinkpieces have already been published about indie sleaze, so take that, alison roman. along the lines of indie sleaze and the desires underpinning the comeback, i've been thinking about how real integrity lies in refusal. you know you can trust someone if they actually don't do the things that they profess to dislike or be against, and the implied sacrifice says a lot more about the person and their character than the opposite (doing something you're vocally a fan of). still coming to terms with this re: employment though.