war flashbacks

2022-02-18  specialk

Can I ask you a favor? Don't talk about me. You're so mean when you talk about your exes. They're "emotionally unstable," "unreliable," "uneducated"... remember that I didn't actually do anything wrong. I loved you and tried to be a good partner in every way I knew how. Don't reduce me to your favorite negative buzzwords, some snappy one-liners about my flaws. That's not who I am, or who I once was to you, even if that's all you see in me now. If I were back in the room where my ex and I broke up, I'd say all this to him. Three months later, there's nothing I can do besides try to not care. It's 2am, I'm uncomfortably hot under my sheets even though its not warm inside or outside, and I don't know why I need to angry cry at this particular moment.