A joke about the weather

2022-03-09  oliveoily

I stepped out of the Winthrop stop on my way to work this morning and felt the rain on my face. A little cold, but not too cold. It was a very nice balance. I walked through the sliding doors, up the stairs and into our primary office space. I made some coffee, ate a Teriyaki beef strip and now it was snowing outside. At 11am it was raining again but by 1pm the snow had returned. It's pretty neat that the temperature of the world was bobbing right around that magic number where rain and snow just turn into each other willy nilly. When I yelled "woa y'all look out the window?!" my coworkers seemed annoyed, though. Maybe it wasn't profound and I was just procrastinating. - During lunch we disagreed on the severity of the number 1 on a warning label. I thought 4 was the worst and 1 was the best; she thought 1 was the worst and 4 was the best. Wikipedia -> "4: Very short exposure could cause death or major residual injury" This sounded like the worst Wikipedia -> "Category 1, the highest toxicity category, has cut off values of 5 mg/kg by the oral route, 50 mg/kg by the dermal route, 100 ppm for gases or gaseous vapours, 0.5 mg/l for vapours, and 0.05 mg/l for dusts and mists." Hmmmm Sometimes we'll accidentally have chemicals shipped to our office and I'll have to carry them outside and down the block to our wet lab. Sometimes those chemicals are labeled with a 4 as well as a strikethrough 'W' to indicate that they "react with water in an unusual or dangerous manner" Sometimes it's raining and snowing outside and I get a bit of a rush.