writing feels good

There's something pleasurable about letting the words flow out of my brain, down to my fingers, and onto the screen. But that's not usually the case when I write. Sometimes... most times, I stop the flow and I get caught between what words to use or which road of ideas to ride down. Should I write about this or that seemingly random thing? Things that don't even seem remotely related to each other. They clearly must relate to each other because I'm jumping from one idea to another, but I'm only really consciously aware of a few of those ideas and as I keep hopping between them and to new ones, I lose track of the threads that connect them. So when I write these words down I've lost some of the pathways that I went through in my head. I wonder how many times I'm repeating the ideas in my head as I write them down. It's really hard to try to start counting how many times I've repeated and rehearsed the things that I'm writing down because I'm still producing these thoughts as I count and write them. A frustrating part about the way that I think, speak, and write is that I never know how to conclude my thoughts...

why don't girls love pierrot le fou?

I don't get it. It's a masterpiece and the singing is so good.