A Small Refresh

Some of you might be wondering if something changed on recently. In fact the site recently underwent a bit of a visual refresh. This happened for a few reasons: 1. We really wanted to add dark mode so our eyes would stop hurting when checking moodring late at night 2. The design team legally has to update the UI every 2-3 years to confuse the userbase and thereby drive up daily engagement 3. It just looked kind of old, you know? We hope you all like it! Feel free to complain about it in post form. Happy new year, Gooby

Two years of

Oops, that was yesterday! How time flies!

A Brief Interruption

Seems like went down sometime yesterday until just now. We're so sorry for the interruption! We honestly have no idea what happened. xoxo gooby

Sorry for the interruption

Hi everyone. You may or may not have noticed a disruption in service roughly between 4:30-4:45 EST today. A member of our technical team, while attempting to fix our "Internal Server Error" bug, deployed an untested version of our service without considering proper safety protocols. This deployment failed and caused our service to be offline for some time. Thankfully, we were able to quickly resolve this issue, and should be free of Internal Service Errors for the foreseeable future! Update, Thursday February 9 2023: Never mind. There are still Internal Service Errors. FML.

One year of

Happy birthday, moodring! Thanks to aaga, bogey, boop, bsooking, bumpy, caressesnotcorona, cludo, egg, giovannisgroom, hungry, jen, kt, mard, minichurch, oliveoily, pnutbutrluvr, specialk, zebulon, and all our committed readers for making this such a special place.

Internal Server Error

Hi everyone. You may have noticed that sometimes when you open moodring for the first time in a while you see something that says "internal server error" instead of our beautiful homepage full of fabulous original writings. This happens when nobody has been on the site in the past 30 minutes—it's a result of our new hosting provider, and is something we're working to fix. But for now, just refresh the page and pretend like nothing ever happened. Best, gooby

Service resumed (test post 2 part 2)

omg can't believe it works

test post 3

checking database migration...


Hello everyone, Heroku, the platform we use to host, has recently discontinued their free tier of services. As such, we will soon be migrating to Hopefully you won't notice anything but fair warning there may be some minor disruptions in service. We have a backup of current posts, but recommend saving new posts somewhere before posting them here. Best, gooby

test post 2

omg can't believe it works

test post

hi welcome to my blog (edited)