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I was just walking in the park thinking about how in stand-up sets, someone can say something along the lines of “So, I was walking in the park the other day…” and nobody questions whether or not they were actually walking in the park. Maybe some people do, but then they’re being doubtful and missing the point and probably also missing the joke. I like that; faith in someone not because you trust them, necessarily, to tell the truth, but because you trust them to tell you something interesting. Faith that you’ll enjoy hearing them out. It’d be cool if I was gullible because I had this sort of faith. But really I’m just choosing to believe people because it seems like the nice thing to do. 7.4ish/10

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pnutbutrluvr here!! I eat pb faster than I post. Here are the peanut butters I've eaten that deserve their own reviews: - Peanut Butter & Co. Crunch Time - Koeze Cream-Nut Smooth Natural Peanut Butter - Crazy Richard's 100% Peanuts! CREAMY - PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter Keep a lookout.............

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Xander and I watched the American version of the Digimon Movie on Monday. I did not expect to remember so much of it. The movie is split into three acts, each originally its own short film, loosely strung together by a retconned narrative. At the end of the movie, some of the characters watch as Kokomon dances in a field under a twilight gradient sky. Kokomon is the villain of the third and final act, a Digimon that was once a protagonist’s companion but was driven mad by the virus in act 2. This dancing scene (which is to Smash Mouth’s All Star, by the way) is meant to show how Kokomon, upon defeat, had gone from final villain to fun-loving, rhythmless, friendly Digimon. After some research, I learned that in act 3’s original short film, the dancing scene happens before the climax to no music at all. Kokomon dances in a field while the characters realize in horror that the virus has stripped their friend of all former sanity. — On Tuesday, I went to Jury Duty and was randomly selected to move from civil to criminal cases. During selection, one of the other candidates shared in open court that she could not be an impartial judge of innocence because she is racist. She was not selected. I shared privately that I couldn’t be an impartial judge of innocence because my dad might have tried to kill my mom. I was not selected. — Yesterday was Wednesday and, among other things, I painted on canvas for the first time. — This morning, I sat on the couch and ate knockoff frosted mini wheats with cut up banana and 4 raspberries for breakfast. I felt a sharp pain in the back of my mouth at the gum of my lower right jaw. A fragment of bone had been lodged there since my wisdom tooth surgery a couple of months ago and it had finally dislodged. I spat into a paper towel but couldn’t find any shrapnel among the wheat-y mush. — Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. Rent is due. — 9/10

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I went walking in the park and found myself lost In the thought that I can never seem to focus On the activity at hand. I pressed my foot on the layer of ice That sits uniform on the surface And watched the water fill from all sides. Where do the ducks go when the pond freezes over? I don’t mind not knowing; They’ll be back when it melts And someone will throw them bread. 3/10

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