Dream - 14th of November, 2022

2022-11-16  minichurch

Dreamed I was a real estate agent trying to sell a mall to someone as a house. They kept saying it felt a bit big. I pointed to a structure at the other end of the building. Cut from a single slab of dark rock, several rows of benches rising aimlessly in a semi-circle enclosing nothing and facing the atrium. Three floors of emptiness below. I said they could hang a very large projector screen in front of the benches. A private movie theater with the openness of an outdoor screening, indoors. The kids could have friends over and sit on the benches eating popcorn, throwing things at each other. My tie snagged on the railing and I had to tear it to get free. Very embarrassing. I guided the buyer through long and wide and winding hallways with low ceilings. When I was a kid, I told them, there was a little store in the mall, in a hallway just like this, where my parents would buy me trading cards. They said they were exactly the same. Well then, I said, it's like you already live here. Look how long these hallways are, I said, think of how many family portraits you could hang on these walls, side by side. If you don't have a big family, what better incentive can you think of to start one? Rule #1 of dreams: dreams are real. I could have been the agent or the buyer, but I was probably neither. I'm not a real estate agent and I never will be. I don't wear ties and I never will again. Dreams are real.